The Shire Academy Golf Facilities

Technology to help improve your game

At the Shire Academy we understand the value of individuality. As a result we are able to offer the learner a number of ways to learn the golf swing. We are able to help the player feel the golf swing and let the learner visually see their swings and how they compare to the some of the golfing greats.


G.A.S.P Video Technology

The GASP Golf Swing Analysis Software is the finest swing capture technology on the market today and the Shire Academy is proud to use this technology.

The English Golf Union, the Irish Golf Union, Team Norway, Dutch Federation are the latest National Golf Unions to install the GASP Golf Swing Analysis Software.

A benefit of utilizing the GASP system at the Shire Academy is that we can capture your swing and analyze every aspect of it and compare you to some of the world's greatest swings. From this in depth analysis we can tailor a programme that will aid you in reaching your personal golfing goals.